Record your business calls and comply with industry regulations
The OptiLogix range of USB based Call Recording products provide powerful features for building small to medium channel count Call Recorders.  Each HyperUSB model is USB powered with a small form factor having low power consumption resulting in high reliability. These USB devices can be used for multi-channel audio recording using microphones (vox triggering) or mobile
We offer the broadest range of voice recording hardware interfaces in the industry. These interfaces not only interface to a wide range of Analog, TDM and VoIP infrastructures, but also interface in many different ways to recording servers using USB, PCI (Express) or Ethernet. Order or learn more about our products:
Telephony interfaces for Call Recording systems
       USB 2.0 interface, USB powered        Non intrusive and undetectable high impedance passive monitoring        Dialled number and Caller ID signalling support        Models for PRI-ISDN, BRI-ISDN / So bus, Digital handsets and Analog handset / trunk lines        Digital Signal Processors for voice streaming and on-board D-channel protocol processing        4 and 8 channel Analog, Digital handset and So bus models        Fractional and 30 channel PRI-ISDN / E1 and T1 models        Analog models support DTMF, FSK Caller ID, AGC and audio detection        Digital models support all major PBX with highly accurate DigitalVox start/stop triggering        Based on the OptiLogix V32 DSP architecture for unmatched performance and reliability        Uses the OptiLogix generic API and driver        Fully supported by HyperEngine        Supports Win-2000, Win-XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, Windows 7, 8 and 10        Driver support for all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions        64kbit/s A-law and high quality compressed 36kbit/s speech encoding        Supports writing of directly playable WAV files to disk        CE, FCC and RoHS 3 compliance
radio, non-intrusively tapping and recording analog telephony lines, TDM trunks like Basic Rate ISDN, Primary Rate ISDN, E1, T1 and digital PBX proprietary handsets. Full D-channel signalling support is available for all ISDN/Q.SIG/DASS/DPNSS models and the analog models support AGC, DTMF and FSK Caller ID. For PCI compliance all our Call Recording products support DTMF controlled pause and resume.
call recorder usb device
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